My Background:

B.Tech (CSE) :- 2014–2018 (Tier 3 college)

Years of experience:- 3 years as a backend developer

Previous organization:- ThoughtWorks

How I applied?

I got referred by an existing employee and got approached by a recruiter as well.

To get the referral you ideally want to follow the etiquettes of asking for a referral, some of which I have mentioned on my Linkedin as well at

What was the process like?

I got a mail from Amazon that an employee has referred you and that I need to create an application on the careers portal for the same.

Working on large projects you realize the need to set up CI/CD pipelines for your codebase as manually triggering test and pushing your application to production is less than ideal and requires extra bandwidth.

Azure has made setting up pipelines for your existing GitHub Repos super easy by using their offering ‘Azure pipelines’ available in the GitHub marketplace.

Let’s take CI and CD one by one.

Continuous Integration

Let’s say you have a project wherein multiple developers are checking code into, you might prefer some way of verifying the unit test and if the code changes compile before merging their…

I, being an alumnus of a Tier 3 college was ecstatic when I received a mail from a recruiter at Goldman Sachs regarding the shortlisting of my profile for Java developer. As the process progressed, I received a call from the recruiter that every round is an elimination round and the first round is a Hackerank test and can be done over the weekend as per my comfort.

The Hackerank test

The Hackerank test had two questions on DSA that had to be done in under two hours, each question had ten test cases to verify the accuracy of the…

Aayush Makkad

Software Engineer | ThoughtWorker |

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